Pregnant Kenyan Woman Left to Die By Hospital Staff


A pregnant women died at Kakamega Provincial General Hospital, after she was left in agony and begging for help for 14 hours.

Elizabeth Akala, 36, was admitted to the hospital after an ultrasound revealed her 36-week-old unborn baby had died in the womb. However, her family says she was neglected by medical staff until the following morning – despite knowing her life was in danger.


Left begging for help

The woman’s husband, Mr Zacharia Ludenyo, says the seriousness of his wife’s condition was made clear to staff at the hospital, but nurses and doctors continued to sign off duty without attending to her.

“When the results of the ultrasound came out, the doctor informed me that the baby was dead and asked me to take her for urgent medical attention at the Kakamega Provincial General Hospital,” he told the press.

“She was in so much pain and she kept asking me to call the nurses for her. She kept screaming in pain like someone in labour. Her pain seemed to get worse with time, but none of the doctors attended to her.”


Neglect, maltreatment and ultimately death

From the moment the couple arrived at Kakamega Hospital, Mr Ludenyo’s wife was mistreated and neglected by staff. A female gynaecologist was given their referral letter and results from the ultrasound test upon their admission.

“The gynaecologist looked at the ultrasound results and asked my wife whether she was literate,” Mr Ludeyno revealed. “She threw the papers at her saying that the results showed that the “thing you are carrying in your belly is already dead’”.

“The gynaecologist then admitted her and told us that she was too tired and that she had completed her shift and that she had even overstayed by more than an hour.”

After waiting in agony for more than four hours, Mrs Akala said goodbye to her husband so he could attend to their 7-year-old son. Mr Ludeyno had been assured that his wife would be taken to the operating theatre in a few moments and that his wife would be okay.

When he returned the next morning, he found his wife was dead and that no operation had taken place. An investigation is underway.


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