President Kenyatta Declares Strict New Measures to Tackle Corruption in Kenya


Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta has unveiled a string of strict new measures to tackle the country’s corruption troubles.

The president came out with a hard-line stance against corruption, during his speech at the State House on Monday, following intense criticism of his government and its handling of corruption cases.


A crime against God and humanity

During his speech President Kenyatta condemned corruption as a threat to national security and promised his new measures will make it too expensive and painful for perpetrators in the future.

“We will win this fight. We will make it expensive for anyone stealing from Kenyans and denying them education, health, security, infrastructure, water and other services that they work so hard to receive from their Government,” he said.

Opposition members have been highly critical of Kenyatta’s dealing with corruption until now.  ODM leader Raila Odinga recently accused the president of allowing corruption to thrive during his time in charge and growing pressure has left Kenyatta with little choice but to take action.


Hard-line measures

Under the new measures, anyone found guilty of corruption will be banned from all business activities for five years. And, in the case of firms being found guilty, the company involved and its officials will also be banned from all business association for the same period.

In addition to the measures themselves, the president also ordered thorough vetting into organisations that have been caught up in corruption scandals. Kenyatta said an independent team will be set up for the vetting process with the aim of weeding out corruption from government organisations. Meanwhile the State House will introduce tighter controls on government officials travelling overseas.

Kenyatta’s statements have dominated the headlines in Kenyan press over the last couple of days, however critics will be quick to point out this isn’t the first time the president has taken a tough stance on key issues. Kenyatta will have to let his policies do the talking this time around, as the scandals pile up and public confidence dwindles.


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Uhuru Kenyatta speaks during the opening ceremony of the Pre-Global Entrepreneurship Summit” by MEAACT Kenya – Licensed under Public Domain via Commons.