Rwanda: Diane Rwigara acquitted of ‘baseless’ charges


Rwandan opposition leader and government critic Diane Rwigara has been acquitted of insurrection and forgery charges by a court in Kigali.

After spending more than a year in detention, Wrigara and her mother were both acquitted by a three-judge panel who labelled the charges against the pair as “baseless”. Rights groups have welcomed the result, including Amnesty International which said the two “should never have faced charges for expressing their views”.

Rwigara acquitted of charges

Diane Rwigara was arrested last year shortly after being barred from running for president against Paul Kagame, who went on to secure another term in charge with 99% of the vote. Rwigara had publicly criticised the president prior to applying for candidacy in the election but she was prevented from running by the country’s electoral commision.

She was later arrested with her mother and charged with forgery, accused of using the signatures of dead people in her application. After being detained by authorities, charges of insurrection were also placed against her while her family’s assets have been forcibly auctioned.

“I am very happy with the verdict,” Rwigara told journalists after the high court ruling. “I am continuing with my political journey… because there’s still a lot that needs to be done in our country.”

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