Rwanda Government Ranked As Africa’s Most Efficient, World No. 7


Rwanda’s government has been ranked as the most efficient in Africa in the Global Competitive Report 2014-2015 – and the seventh most efficient in the world.

The updated report from the World Economic Forum (WEF) places Rwanda at the top of African governments and ahead o of Malaysia, Switzerland and Luxembourg on a global scale. The survey ranks Qatar as the most efficient government in the world, followed by Singapore and then Finland.


Effective government spending

Rwanda President Paul Kagame has been lauded for taking Rwanda out of the 1994 genocide atrocities and into economic stability. His government’s strict use of funding has created a sustainable backbone to the country’s economy and the WEF says this is largely why Rwanda places so high on the survey.

“Rwanda’s strong showing in seventh position was secured thanks in large part to the low level of waste in government spending,” said the organisation.

None of this comes as a surprise to government officials in Rwanda, though, who have been at the forefront of Rwanda’s economic and political transition.

“We are not surprised by the report because the results speak of what is on the ground. In Rwanda there is meaningful participation and accountability, particularly when it comes to how public resources are allocated,” said chief executive officer of the Rwanda Governance Board, Anastase Shyaka.


Kagame’s third bid reinforced

Rwanda’s lofty position in the global ranking further compounds the president’s bid for a third term in power. Public support is said to be high, according to the government. However, concern has been raised that opposition voices have been drowned out by strict censorship in the country and a hard stance against anyone who speaks out against the regime.

International bodies have urged Kagame to step down after his second constitutional terms comes to an end. The acting president’s bid for a third term has already been endorsed by the country’s parliament, though, essentially making it a matter of time before Kagame extends his stay in power.


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Paul Kagame, 2009 World Economic Forum on Africa” by Copyright World Economic Forum / Matthew Jordaan – Africa as the World’s potential Breadbasket – World Economic Forum on Africa 2009. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

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