Rwanda President Dismisses Refugee Recruitment Claims


Rwanda President Paul Kagame has dismissed claims made by Refugee International (RI) that Burundi refugees are being recruited as rebel fighters at asylum camps in his country.

Earlier this month Refugee International released a report that claimed Burundi refugees were being forced to join rebel forces to fight against their government upon return to their country. Speaking at a news conference in the Rwanda capital, Kigali, the president branded the claims as “childish” and insisted there was no evidence to back them up.


Growing tension between neighbours

The possibility that Burundi rebel fighters could be recruited on Rwandan soil highlights the deteriorating relationship between the two African neighbours. Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza has already accused Rwanda of supporting rebel fighters in his country and plotting to overthrow the government.

The RI report goes as far to suggest Rwanda security officials are implicated in the recruitment process taking place at refugee camps. If this claim were to be proven then all ties between Nkurunziza’s Burundi and Kagame’s Rwanda would come under question.

Burundi’s security minister Alain Guillaume Bunyoni also spoke at a press conference in his own country on Tuesday. He accused Rwanda of “destabilising our country through recruitments, trainings and equipping elements of the coup-plotters with weapons”.


Kagame remains defiant

Rwanda President Paul Kagame has always dismissed accusations that his country is interfering in the affairs of Burundi. Earlier this week he confirmed his country would not send any troops to join African Union (AU) peacekeepers, should they choose to intervene in Burundi.

Regarding the claims that Burundi refugees are being recruited in camps inside his country, the president once again dismissed all accusations.

“They talk about Rwanda giving them guns to go and fight in Burundi,” he said. “I haven’t seen any evidence, not the tiniest evidence to prove that.”


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