S. Sudan Army Denies Trying to Kill Detained Military Officer


The South Sudanese Army (SPLA) has denied claims from one of its senior military officers that he survived an assassination attempt.

Brigadier General James Kuol, who has been under detention for years, claims the attack was planned by the deputy chief of general staff for finance and administration, Lieutenant General Malual Ayom. His accounts have been firmly denied.


Inhumane conditions

Kuol is one of many officers currently in detention under South Sudan’s violent regime, with dozens of senior officers and soldiers said to be locked up under inhumane conditions.

“In the room where I am detained, we are more than 50 officers alone. There is no space for lying down. You sleep while seated upright. This is a treatment I have never experienced before even from the Arabs we fought for 21 years during the war of liberation struggle for our independence have never treated us like this,” one officer told the media this week.

Many, including Kuol, have been locked up for years without seeing their family or loved ones – many of whom assume they are dead.


Separated from families

The wife of one the officers detained with Kuol told the Sudan Tribune she has given up on attempting to visit her husband, having never managed to gain access to a visit since his arrest.

“My children and I are worried, actually more worried because it is now more than 4 months without hearing about him since they arrested him in May,” she told the local publication.

It’s estimated that 75 officers are currently under detention – some of whom have spent three years locked up – without any explanation as to why they have been arrested or what charges they face. The officers are being held at a military police facility in Juba, close to where the infamous White House was used to torture and kill prisoners during the Sudanese civil war.


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