Somalia: 8 Soldiers Killed in Army Base Attack


Eight soldiers were killed on Monday during a car bomb attack on a Somali military training camp.

Militant group Al-Shabaab later claimed responsibility for the attack, saying it had killed 30 soldiers in the process. The raid started with a car bomb explosion, which allowed gunmen to infiltrate the Lanta Buro base in Lower Shabelle region.


Al-Shabaab claims army base

Al-Shabaab fighters entered the base on foot and quickly seized control of the base, according to military sources. One senior official said the militant group still had control over the base on Tuesday and no official statements have been released to say otherwise.

This isn’t the first attack on Lanta Buro base carried out by Al-Shabaab. Last year the Islamist group targeted the camp in a similar fashion, killing more than 15 soldiers. At this stage, it’s not clear what plans the Somali military has for regaining control of the camp.


Warnings over more attacks

The latest incident on Lanta Buro comes after warnings from Somalia’s armed forces chief over attacks on army bases. Al-Shabaab is losing key strongholds in parts of the country but quickly regrouping to claim others. On Monday, the extremist group also reclaimed the port town of Marka, after government troops withdrew from the area.

Somalia’s already stretched military struggles to keep up with Al-Shabaab’s movements outside the capital. Attacks on army bases are a common tactic used by the terrorist group to further weaken the country’s defenses in the war on terror.


Featured image: YouTube