Somalia, AU Troops Arrest 50 Al-Shabaab Supsects


At least 50 A-Shabaab suspects have been arrested by Somalia and African Union (AU) forces in a joint operation this week.

The operation was conducted by Somalia and AU peacekeeping troops on Monday, as part of a planned mission in Jowhar town, the capital of Middle Shabelle. The town had been deemed a high-risk location with high-ranking delegates in the area, who are there to discuss creating a new state Hiiraan and the Middle Shabelle region.


Suspects arrested, some already released

Local police commander, Mohamed Siyad Anjeh, told reporters that 50 suspects were arrested in the operation and that some had already been released.

“We arrested 50 Al-Shabaab suspects during the operation, but we released some of them after investigation. We will also release others if they are not found guilty,” he said.

The commander also revealed door-to-door searches were conducted to in an attempt to track down all militant suspects. The government has vowed to up its efforts against the terrorist group after a spate of attacks in the capital throughout January.

The central government and regional leaders have also hinted at a major operation against the Al-Shabaab in the near future.


AMISON warns Al-Shabaab

The most recent Al-Shabaab attacks have been on Kenyan military bases within in Somalia, with the militant group claiming to have killed 100 Kenyan soldiers in an attack on El-Adde base earlier this month.

AMISON’s acting force commander, Maj. Gen. Nakibus Lakara, responded to the incident with a warning for Al-Shabaab.

“The El-Adde attack against friendly forces should be a launch pad that will embolden, strengthen and motivate us to go all out and hunt down Al-Shabaab and other armed enemies of Somalia,” he said.

“We shall re-strategize. Our defenses must now become offensive by nature. It is pay-back time, we shall win this war, and the Somali people shall be free.”