Somalia: Deputy leader of IS killed in airstrike


The deputy leader of Islamic State in Somalia has been killed during an airstrike.

Reports from the Horn of Africa nation say Abdihakim Dhoqob was killed when a vehicle he was travelling in was hit on Sunday, killing him and one other person in the car. The person accompanying the IS deputy leader is yet to be identified.

Deputy IS leader killed in airstrike

Abdihakim Dhoqob’s car was struck in the east of Somalia’s Puntland region, as it was travelling between the villages of Hol Anod and Hiriro. Officials in the area haven’t commented on who conducted the airstrike but the US military has drastically increased the number of airstrikes carried out in the Horn of Africa nation over the past few years.

The Islamic State is believed to have between 200-300 men in Somalia, making it significantly smaller than al-Shabaab, the largest of Somalia’s extremist groups with an estimated 7,000 to 9,000 members.

However, IS has been carrying out a growing number of attacks in Somalia while also battling with al-Shabaab. Both extremist groups aim to oust Somalia’s Western-backed government in favour of their takes on Sharia law.

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