Somalia: Mogadishu truck bomber sentenced to death


Somalia’s military courts on Tuesday sentenced a man to death over his role in the deadliest bomb attack to take place in the country.

At least 500 people were killed in the truck bomb attack on October 14, 2017, in Mogadishu. Hassan Adan Isaq was convicted of leading an Al-Shabaab unit said to have carried out the attack and sentenced to death on Tuesday. Another man was sentenced to life in prison and a third convict was given a three-year sentence.

Attacker sentenced to death

Last year’s truck bomb attack prompted public outrage against militant group Al-Shabaab with protesters marching through the streets of Mogadishu – both against the terrorist group and authorities for failing to prevent the attack.

Al-Shabaab denied any involvement in the attack and Hassan Adan Isaq also denied all charges held against him.

Isaq was the driver of a second truck to be used in the attack, which detonated after soldiers ordered him to get out of the vehicle at a checkpoint. Two people were killed in the blast. The driver of the first truck was killed when it exploded next to a petrol tanker at a busy junction in downtown Mogadishu. More than 150 victims were burned beyond recognition due to the intense heat caused by the subsequent blast.

It remains unclear whether the junction was the original target for the attack or whether the driver panicked as suspicions about his vehicle were raised.

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