South Sudan ranked among least democratic nations in the world


South Sudan is once against ranked among the world’s least democratic nations in the latest Freedom in the World report by Freedom House.

The 2018 edition of the annual report blames South Sudan’s leaders for the country’s abysmal ranking in the report, as the world’s youngest nation continues to suffer from its ongoing civil war.

‘Democracy in Crisis’

The report, entitled “Democracy in Crisis” says political freedom around the world experienced its most serious crisis in decades during 2017. According to Freedom House’s scoring, 71 countries “suffered net declines in political rights and civil liberties, with only 35 registering gains,” marking the 12th consecutive year of decline in global freedom.

South Sudan’s position in the report has been fairly consistent in recent years, though. Once again, Syria is the only country in the world to rank lower than South Sudan in terms of political rights and civil liberties.

Freedom House says this is because “South Sudan’s leaders chose to press on with a bloody civil war rather than make peace and face a long-overdue reckoning with voters.”

A poor showing from African nations

Freedom House’s findings paint a poor picture of political progress across much of Africa during the last decade. Currently, Eritrea sits just one place above South Sudan in the ranking, scoring just three points alongside North Korea – the country it’s so often compared to.

Equatorial Guinea and Somalia are among the eight lowest-scoring nations while Sudan, Central African Republic and Libya make seven African nations among the worst 12 in the world.

It’s not only an issue of present standings either but a decade of declines across some of the world’s most vulnerable nations. Central African Republic and Burundi stand out as two of the most severe examples while Mauritiana and Ethiopia are also present in the ten most severe declines in political freedom over the last ten years.

Gabon, Congo, Rwanda, Eritrea and Kenya are the other African nations listed among dramatic declines in freedom seen around the world over the last decade.

Featured image: Freedom House

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