Strathmore University Fires Security Director Over Deadly Security Drill


Strathmore University has fired its security director and suspended three managers over a bungled security drill that left one person dead and more than 30 injured.

The university has confirmed it is looking for a suitable replacement to fill the security director role and the three suspended managers are all under investigation to determine their roles and culpability in the drill.


Police actions brought into question

The university has also called on the help of the Independent Policing Oversight Authority to investigate the role played by police throughout the drill. The police claims it had no knowledge of the drill prior to reports emerging that a terror attack was taking place at the university on November 30.

Strathmore University Vice-Chancellor John Odhiambo also denied all knowledge at the time, but the only thing that is certain is hundreds of students and staff believed the drill was a genuine attack on their lives.


New security measures

The institution has also pledged to put in new security measures to ensure there is never a repeat of what happened on November 30.

“We will constitute an effective security committee and put in place an emergency evacuation plan for the institution,” it said in the same statement that announced the sacking of its security director.

“The council is committed to ensuring that this kind of incident never occurs again and sincerely apologises to all the stakeholders affected,” the statement also said.

Meanwhile, the investigation into the November 30 security drill is ongoing, following the creation of an 11-member team to probe the incident. One worker died from head injuries sustained while trying to escape what she thought was a terrorist attack. Many of the students and other workers were also critically injured after jumping from third-storey floors, believing their lives were on the line.


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