Sudan: 816 people detained over recent protests, minister says


Authorities in Sudan have arrested at least 816 people during anti-government protests during the past two weeks, Interior Minister Ahmed Bilal Osman has said.

Speaking at a parliamentary session to discuss the ongoing protests, Osman repeated the government’s estimated that 19 people have been killed during the demonstration – including two police officers – although Amnesty International reports that 37 people have been killed by police and more than 200 injured.

AT least 815 arrested over Sudan protests

“The total number of protesters arrested until now is 816,” Interior Minister Ahmed Bilal Osman told parliament on Monday.

Minister Osman also detailed government figures on the number of police officers injured during demonstrations over the past couple of weeks.

“127 policemen were injured in the rallies and 118 government facilities – including 14 police facilities – were damaged,” he said.

“The demonstrations began peacefully, but some thugs with a hidden agenda used them to indulge in looting and stealing,” he pointed out, adding that the situation across Sudan was now “calm and stable”.

“We won’t allow overthrowing the regime by force and the detainees have will be tried with absolute evidence,” the minister stressed.

Featured image: “Khartoum, Sudan” flickr photo by Christopher.Michel shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

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