Sudan: At least 10 people killed in latest protest violence


At least 10 people have been killed in the latest round of protests in Sudan with tens of thousands walking the streets of Khartoum to demonstrate against the country’s ruling military council.

A further 180 people have been wounded in the Sudanese capital after crowds were met by security forces in several parts of the city. Deputy head of the Transitional Military Council (TMC), General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, said in a televised statement that unknown snipers had shot at both civilians and soldiers during the protests.

At least 10 more killed in Sudan protest violence

“There are snipers shooting at people, they shot three members of RSF and five or six citizens,” General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo told the nation in a televised statement on Sunday.

“We are upset and we want to get things under control,” he added.

Video clips circulated on social media of demonstrators fleeing security officials in Khartoum while witnesses have also report tear gas and barrages being used to disperse crowds near the presidential palace and neighbourhood of Riyadh.

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