Sudan: Bashir orders release of detained female protesters


Sudan President Omar al-Bashir has ordered the release of all women protesters detained during months of nationwide demonstrations.

The embattled leader ordered the release of the women on Friday, which coincided with International Women’s Day. Officials haven’t confirmed how many women were arrested and detained in relation to the recent protests but opposition members say around 150 women were being held.

Bashir orders release of women protesters

Omar al-Bashir announced a state of emergency last month and replaced key government officials with military personnel in an attempt to calm ongoing unrest in the country. However, the protests have continued, despite security forces having stronger powers to crack down on political activities and group events.

Demonstrators are calling for al-Bashir to step down as president but the long-serving leader has refused. With no resolution in sight, Bashir’s challenge is to find a political solution against opponents who, so far, have shown no willingness for compromise on their demands.

Security forces continue to crack down on protests, firing tear gas at crowds. There have been multiple incidences of security personnel firing live ammunition at crowds since the protests began in December but this practice appears to have stopped in recent weeks.

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