Sudan: Clashes kill several as talks between military, protesters stall


At least five Sudanese protesters and one security officer were killed during violent clashes in Khartoum on Monday.

Shortly before the violence erupted, Sudan’s ruling military council and an opposition coalition announced they had reached a power-sharing deal. Both parties confirmed the deal had been agreed in separate statements but violent clashes broke out in the capital shortly after. Talks between the two parties have since broken down.

At least six killed in Sudan clashes

At least five protesters were killed by gunfire on Monday night during a sit-in outside the military HQ in Khartoum. Dozens more were injured and one security officer was also killed during violent clashes between protesters and officers.

Protesters blamed the killings on soldiers but the army said the gunshots were fired by “unidentified elements”.

Precise details about the incident remain unclear but multiple protests have described how they were targeted by gunmen who were shooting to kill, aiming for the chest.

The US embassy later posts on Facebook, blaming Sudan’s army for instigating the violence by attempting to force protesters to remove roadblocks.

Talks between the military council and protesters have since broken down with the army demanding barricades outside of a designated zone be removed.

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