Sudan: Khartoum University Shut Down Indefinitely As Violence Continues


The University of Khartoum has been shut down indefinitely as violence continues to escalate in the Sudanese capital.

Violence between students and security forces in the country broke out on last Wednesday when a student was shot dead by gunmen during a peaceful protest. Students have continued to demonstrate since, clashing with riot police and some students have been accused of attacking teachers and damaging property.


University shut down

The local council moved to shut down the university indefinitely on Tuesday in a bid to end the violence and protect the interests of the establishment. The University of Khartoum is Sudan’s most prestigious university but the third to have been closed over the past month.

The University of Kordofan was closed on April 19 and Ahlia University last week. Both institutions also became overrun by violent protests after a student was killed at each university and dozens more injured.

Khartoum has a history of being the source of popular uprisings in Sudan – many of which led to the country’s independence in 1956. Military governments were also overthrown in 1964 and 1986 by movements that originated from the university.


Faculties shut down

The local council decided in an emergency meeting on Tuesday to shut down all faculties, except for those of medicine and agriculture, which are located away from the main campus. It promised to take strong legal action against students involved in attacks on university staff, damage to property and other “disgraceful” acts.

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Khartoum has already dismissed 17 students in the wake of the latest violence. Arrests have also been made at the demonstrations but no information on those detained has yet been released.


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