Sudan reopens border with Eritrea after year-long closure


Sudan President Omar al-Bashir has reopened the border with Eritrea, which had been closed since early January 2018.

Speaking to a crowd of supporters during a visit to the Kassala provincial capital, close to the border with Eritrea, the Sudanese leader announced that he was reaching out to the people of Eritrea, addressing them as “brothers” in his speech.

Bashir reopens border with Eritrea

“I announce here, from Kassala, that we are opening the border with Eritrea because they are our brothers and our people,” Bashir told the crowd gathered before him on Thursday.

“Politics will not divide us,” he added.

ASs the president was addressing supporters in Kassala, fresh anti-government protests calling for him to resign were running in various parts of the capital, Khartoum.

Analysts suggest the embattled leader is searching for regional allies as weeks of violent protests continue to threaten his controversial 30-year rule. Bashir has personally visited Egypt and Qatar since the protests began in December 2018, while Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have expressed their support for the Sudanese president.

Featured image: By محسن الفكي – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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