Sudanese Man Tries to Kill Israeli Passenger on Ethiopian Airlines Flight


A Sudanese man on board an Ethiopian Airlines flight has been arrested after allegedly trying to kill an Israeli passenger.

The Israeli victim, only identified as Arik, was attacked by a Sudanese Muslim, roughly 20 minutes before the flight began its descent.


Ethnic attack

“About 20 minutes before the plane started its descent the passenger sitting behind me identified me as Israeli and Jewish,” Arik told the press. “He came up behind my seat and started to choke me with a lot of force and at first I couldn’t get my voice out and call for help.”

Arik eventually managed to get the attention of other passengers and flight crew – at which point a number of passengers helped restrain the Sudanese citizen, who then tried to convince others to help “finish him [Arik] off”.


Sudanese man arrested

The attacker was arrested upon his arrival in Ethiopia on Thursday. However, the Sundaese man was able to escape police and attempt another attack on Arik while inside the airport.

“Two policemen accompanied me when the coast was clear,” Arik said. “He was in handcuffs. But even after he was taken off the plane he managed to get loose from the cops and tried to come at me again, until they overcame him again.”

Arik has since given his testimony, identified the suspect and returned to Israel. The Israeli Foreign Ministry confirmed the events this week and its cooperation with authorities in Ethiopia.

“We can confirm that an incident suspected of being an assault took place on flight to Ethiopia. The attacker was a Sudanese Muslim and the victim an Israeli citizen. Upon landing, the Sudanese was taken by police to jail, where he was questioned and has been staying since the incident. The embassy has been updated by the local authorities.”


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