Sudanese Student Charged With Murder For Killing Police Officer


A Sudanese student has been charged with premeditated murder after being accused of killing a police officer during a protest, according to the Sudanese Congress Party (SCoP).

In a press statement on Sunday, the opposition party’s legal sector revealed Asim Omer, a member of the student organisation UofK, had been charged with murder and prevented from seeing his lawyer.


Students detained after seeking legal aid

Omer was reportedly detained by National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) agents on Thursday when they stormed the office of well-known lawyer Nabeel Adib Abdallah.

Omer and several other students visited Abdallah to hire the lawyer for their challenge against a recent decision to close the University of Khartoum and dismiss 17 students. However, NISS agents broke into the office and reportedly took the students to an unknown location.


Safety fears for the students

The SCoP legal sector has expressed concern for the safety of the detained students – particularly Omer. They say the authorities have been moving him between NISS and police detention centres, as well as prosecution offices, without allowing him to see his family or lawyer.

“This raises concern about him being subjected to torture or pressures because the behaviour of the [authorities] isn’t reassuring that he faces normal criminal conditions,” a statement read.

The party has called on human rights groups to seek the release of Omer and the other students, in addition to the dismissal of 17 students and ensuring their safety.


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