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05 January 21

Ethiopia releases Reuters cameraman without charge

Police in Ethiopia released Reuters cameraman Kumerra Gemechu on Tuesday after detaining him without charge for 12 days.

21 September 20

Ethiopia: 24 opposition figures charged with terrorism

Authorities in Ethiopia have charged 24 opposition figures with terrorism offences in connection with a wave of ethnic unrest that came after the killing of popular Oromo singer and activist, Hachalu Hundessa.

27 February 20

How popular is Abiy Ahmed in Ethiopia as election looms?

With elections looming, Ethiopia finds itself at yet another defining but equally uncertain political junction. Just a few years ago, the country was tearing itself apart through anti-government protests. Now, the East African nation is in danger of tearing itself
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26 February 20

Ethiopia set to release more prisoners ‘for the national good’

Authorities in Ethiopia have announced that dozens of high-profile prisoners are set to be released from jail, including opposition activists accused of an attempted coup last year.

25 February 20

Ethiopia: 29 injured in ‘bomb attack’ at pro-Abiy rally

An explosion injured 29 people in the Ethiopian town of Ambo on Sunday at a rally in support of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

14 February 20

Ethiopia approves controversial hate speech law

Lawmakers in Ethiopia have approved controversial law aimed at tackling hate speech that critics warn could be used to restrict freedom of expression.

28 January 20

Ethiopia: Amnesty condemns crackdown on OLF supporters

Amnesty International has condemned the mass arrest of Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) supporters by authorities in Ethiopia over the weekend.

16 January 20

Ethiopia sets August 2020 date for elections

Ethiopia’s electoral board on Wednesday announced it expects to hold national elections on 16 August 2020.

10 December 19

Abiy Ahmed swerves media at peace prize collection

Ethiopia Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is refusing to speak to the media as he collects his Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo today.

02 December 19

Ethiopia: Defence minister opposes ruling party merger plan

Ethiopia’s defence minister has publicly stated his opposition to plans that would merge the country’s ruling coalition into a single party.


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