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29 September 19

Ethiopia: More than 1,000 people killed in ethnic violence over past year

Ethiopia’s government has confirmed that more than 1,000 people have been killed in ethnic violence over the past 12 months.

07 September 19

Ethiopia opens infamous Maekelawi detention centre to public

Ethiopia has opened one of its most notorious detention centres to the public, in a move described by Human Rights Watch as a “symbolic step towards justice for past abuses”.

01 September 19

Ethiopia eyes economic reforms to ease forex shortage

Ethiopia’s government says it is considering significant economic reforms as part of an effort to ease the country’s foreign currency shortage.

08 August 19

A Sidama referendum won’t fix Ethiopia’s ethnic troubles

Dozens of people were killed in southern Ethiopia last month during clashes between activists from the country’s Sidama ethnic group and security forces. Ethiopia’s fifth-largest ethnic group is demanding its own federal state and the constitution legally binds the government
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08 July 19

Is Ethiopia making a case for dictatorships in Africa?

Ethiopia’s transformation over the past year and a half has been staggering. Under the rule of Abiy Ahmed, the East African country has turned itself from one of the region’s most crisis-ridden nations into one of its most politically progressive
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02 July 19

Ethiopia: PM defends reform policy, warns ‘coup’ plotters

Ethiopian prime minister Abiy Ahmed has defended his reform policy and issued a strong warning to anyone interested in toppling his government following a coup attempt in the Amhara region.

27 June 19

Ethiopia: Dozens killed in failed coup attempt

Dozens of people were killed during a failed coup attempt in Ethiopia’s Amhara region at the weekend, a government spokesman confirmed on Wednesday.

06 May 19

Press freedoms are improving in Ethiopia, but progress is being held back

The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) has been vocal about press freedoms in Ethiopia for many years – particularly the suppression placed against journalists and members of the media under previous regimes. Under the rule of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed,
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26 January 19

Ethiopia: Oromia state signs ceasefire deal with OLF

Ethiopia’s Oromia regional state has signed a ceasefire deal with the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) rebel group after months of sporadic violence in the region.

23 January 19

Ethiopia pardons 13,000 accused of treason, terrorism

Ethiopia has pardoned more than 13,000 people accused of treason or terrorism over the past six months, according to state-affiliated media.


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