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22 January 19

After almost 30 years, Ethiopia’s ethnic federalism is falling apart

As of 1991, Ethiopia has been the strongest working example of ethnic federalism, dividing the country into multiple regions and assigning land to major ethnic groups. For a country with more than 90 ethnolinguistic groups and a long history of ethnic
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19 January 19

Ethiopia: Rebel group accuses government of airstrikes

A rebel group in Ethiopia recently welcomed back to the country under Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed ‘s reformist policy has accused the government of targeting it with airstrikes.

17 December 18

Ethiopia: 66 soldiers imprisoned over PM protest

A military court in Ethiopia has imprisoned 66 soldiers for marching on the residence of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and demanding a pay rise in October.

26 November 18

Ethiopia: Prime minister accused of ethnic clampdown

The Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) has accused Ethiopian prime minister Abiy Ahmed of attacking members of the Tigrayan ethnic group in a recent clampdown on security and corruption.

22 November 18

Ogaden rebel group returns to Ethiopia following peace accord

Hundreds of former ONLF rebel fighters are returning to Ethiopia after signing a peace accord with the country’s government.

30 October 18

Is Abiy Ahmed to blame for the rise of ethnic violence in Ethiopia?

Ethiopia’s new prime minister, Abiy Ahmed, has changed the political dynamics in the East African nation more than anyone could have predicted before he stepped into office in April. His predecessor Hailemariam Desalegn announced his resignation two months earlier, leaving Ethiopia
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23 October 18

Ethiopia’s exiled Olympic runner returns home – but what is he returning to?

As Feyisa Lilesa crossed the finishing of the Men’s Marathon at the Rio 2016 Olympics, he didn’t just claim his silver medal in the running event – he also brought the world’s attention to events taking place in his home country,
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09 October 18

Ethiopia: Rights body calls for army deployment following ethnic violence

Ethiopia’s national human rights commission is calling upon the government to deploy national defence forces in areas recently hit by an uptake in ethnic violence.

02 October 18

Ethiopia: 5 charges with terrorism over PM assassination attempt

Five people in Ethiopia have been charged with terrorism for trying to kill Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in a grenade attack during a rally in June.

27 September 18

Ethiopia: Thousands arrested in Addis Ababa following ethnic clashes

Security forces in Ethiopia have arrested thousands of people following ethnic clashes in the capital, Addis Ababa.


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