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11 July 16

Sorry Africa, There’s No ‘Chinese Dream’ for Migrants

China’s growing interest in all things African is well documented. It’s not just Chinese money flowing into Africa, though – more than a million Chinese migrants have moved to African nations over the last few decades. After building Chinatowns in Kenya, Nigeria
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03 July 16

How David Cameron’s Resignation Put the Spotlight on African Leaders

David Cameron’s resignation has been largely overshadowed by Britain’s vote to leave the EU. After all, one man’s career is small fry when the whole world is trying to figure out what it all means. For every theory and argument about
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28 June 16

How Will Brexit Affect Africa’s Economies?

After Britain’s shock vote to leave the EU, economies around the world are now asking what this means for their own interests. The short answer is nobody knows at this stage – but it’s precisely that kind of uncertainty that
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23 May 16

Environment Declining ‘Faster Than Thought,’ Says UN Ahead of Kenya Assembly

The world’s health is declining faster than expected, the UN has said ahead of its environment assembly in the Kenyan capital this week.

18 May 16

What’s Happening to Democracy in Africa?

Last week Yoweri Museveni was sworn in as the President of Uganda for the fifth term in a row. Notable absences from the ceremony were Burundi’s Pierre Nkurunziza, who sparked a national crisis by securing a third term in power,
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09 May 16

Africa’s ‘Great Green Wall’ to Battle Desertification, Famine & Extremism

Plans to plant a green wall of trees across Africa will not only battle desertification but also famine, extremism and a number of other challenges facing the continent, according to experts.

08 May 16

Africa: Journalists Highlight the State of Human Rights With Their Lives

On Tuesday, World Press Freedom Day recounted some of the most horrific cases of human rights violations against journalists and media officials. Reporters Without Borders (RSF) marked the occasion by calling it a “great year for censorship,” ironically hailing the successes
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04 May 16

World Press Freedom Day Marks Another Year of Violence Against Journalists

Every year World Press Freedom Day tells some of the most horrific cases of violence against journalists from the last 12 months and previous years.

20 April 16

Fastjet Wins African Budget Airline Award

Budget airliner Fastjet has won Africa’s Leading Low-Cost Airline Award at the 23rd Annual World Travel Awards.

14 April 16

Oxfam Accuses World Bank of Funding Tax Cheats in Africa

British non-profit organisation Oxfam has accused World Bank of funding potential tax cheats in Africa.


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