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17 January 22

Uganda’s Fertile Land Has the Capability to Feed 200 million People, Audit Report by FAO Finds

Uganda has the ability to feed over 200 million people, a new report by the Food and Agricultural Organization FAO has found. The report also noted that the agricultural potential of the East African nation remains untapped. In fact, 80%
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17 October 19

Ethiopia turns to drones for food security boost

Ethiopia’s Agriculture Transformation Agency (ATA) is using drones and satellites to help improve the country’s food security prospects.

12 November 18

Tanzania: President threatens to deploy army in cashew nut crisis

Tanzania President John Magufuli has threatened to deploy the army amid a dispute between farmers and traders over the price of cashew nuts.

09 October 18

CSAG: Extreme weather putting African societies and economies at risk

An increase in extreme weather patterns across Africa is putting the continent’s societies and economies at risk, according to the Climate System Analysis Group (CSAG) at the University of Cape Town.

15 May 18

Why Africa needs to do more to protect its forests

Africa’s forests are home to some of the most biodiverse habitats, relied upon by hundreds of millions of people and play a crucial role in the battle against climate change – but deforestation threatens to kill the continent’s dwindling natural
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24 January 17

Small plot farmers in East Africa go digital with new agtech platform

Small plot farmers in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania are going digital with a new agtech platform launched by Mastercard.

06 May 16

Kenya: Farmers Ditch Coffee For Macadamias

Farmers in the Kenyan counties of Nyeri and Murang’a are increasingly turning to macadamia nuts due to poor profits from the coffee market.


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