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05 April 18

Are Britain’s Brexit trade woes good news for Africa?

According to the UK’s International Trade Committee, British trade with 70 countries is going to “fall off a cliff edge” unless the country’s government takes urgent action. This is just one of the doomsday headlines coming out of the British
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03 July 16

How David Cameron’s Resignation Put the Spotlight on African Leaders

David Cameron’s resignation has been largely overshadowed by Britain’s vote to leave the EU. After all, one man’s career is small fry when the whole world is trying to figure out what it all means. For every theory and argument about
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28 June 16

How Will Brexit Affect Africa’s Economies?

After Britain’s shock vote to leave the EU, economies around the world are now asking what this means for their own interests. The short answer is nobody knows at this stage – but it’s precisely that kind of uncertainty that
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