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15 July 17

Burundi: Five people killed, 50 injured in grenade attack

At least five people have been killed in a grenade attack in Burundi’s northwestern province of Kayanza.

02 December 16

Burundi: Presidential Aide Injured in Assassination Bid

A presidential adviser in Burundi was wounded in an assassination attempt on Monday, officials say.

15 October 16

Burundi Votes to Leave ICC

Burundi’s government has voted to leave the International Criminal Court (ICC) with an overwhelming majority.

12 April 16

Burundi Resists UN Deployment of Police and Military Monitors

Burundi is starting to resist the deployment of UN police and military monitors into the country, a matter of weeks after agreeing to the resolution.

23 February 16

Burundi Cancels Arrest Warrants for Alleged Coup Plotters

Burundi has lifted international arrest warrants against 15 exiled politicians accused of plotting a coup attempt against the government.

30 January 16

Burundi: UK, French Journalists Released Without Charge

A British photojournalist and French reporter have been released by Burundi authorities one day after they were arrested in the capital Bujumbura.


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