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01 June 18

Rwanda announces surge in visitors from the UK

Visit Rwanda says the number of British travellers visiting the country has risen by more than 20 percent over the past 12 months.

08 May 18

Ethiopia-Kenya mega link projects back on the agenda

Ethiopia and Kenya on Monday revisited plans for a series of mega link infrastructure projects between the neighbouring countries.

01 May 18

Africa’s startup scene is coming of age in 2018

Last year marked something of a turning point for Africa’s startup scene with a record-breaking $650m being raised from investors – more than a 50% increase on the previous year. After a decade of relatively modest investment into African startups
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14 April 18

Ethiopia to develop aerospace manufacturing sector

Ethiopian Airlines has signed an agreement with South African firm Aerosud to create an aerospace manufacturing company.

14 December 17

Four challenges African innovation needs to tackle

Innovation is highlighted as a key driver for Africa’s long-term development. In the words of Makhtar Diop, the World Bank’s Vice President for Africa: “Innovation is absolutely key to African stability and growth in the coming decades”. However, the continent faces
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16 September 17

The rise of private schooling in sub-Saharan Africa

Despite criticism from the United Nations and other organisations, the rise of private schooling in sub-Saharan Africa is in full effect. Critics argue African governments should focus on providing free education to everyone while urging investors to stop supporting private
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06 September 17

Africa’s green revolution needs to start form the bottom up

Africa’s agricultural potential is no secret, but it remains unrealised. The only realistic future for African country is a self-sufficient one, where agriculture sectors are strong enough to feed themselves and generate vital income through exports. Famine and food insecurity
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07 July 17

Can East Africa empower its young, growing population?

East African populations are among the youngest and fastest growing in the world. Recent studies put population growth at roughly three times the global average and estimates suggest four billion people will be living in Africa by 2100. The concern
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30 June 17

Kenya: Chinese-built bridge collapses, days after presidential inspection

A $10 million bridge being built by Chinese engineers in Kenya has collapsed, injuring 28 people, a matter of days after President Uhuru Kenyatta made a personal inspection visit.

29 June 17

Tanzania plans hydropower dam on UNESCO Heritage Site

Tanzania is planning to build a hydropower dam on a UNESCO World Heritage Site, raising concerns over the potential impact on local wildlife.


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