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22 June 17

Ethiopia named as world’s most welcoming country

Ethiopia has been named as the world’s most welcoming country in an open poll on popular travel site Rough Guides.

12 June 17

Africa’s aviation industry is at a crossroads

With the global aviation industry taking a nosedive in recent years, the sector across Africa is defying growth trends. Passenger numbers continue to rise every year while 2016 was the safest year for flights in a decade for African carriers. New
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06 June 17

Rwanda increases budget for 2017/18 by 7 pct

Rwanda plans to increase government spending during the 2017/18 fiscal year by seven percent, the country’s finance minister announced on Thursday.

21 May 17

Study: Open airspace in East Africa will bring millions of dollars to the region

A new study from the East African Business Council (EABC) says an open airspace policy in East Africa could generate more than $200 million in annual GDP for the region.

14 April 17

Tanzania seals $205m investment deal with EU

The European Union (EU) has agreed to provide Tanzania with budget support to the sum of $205m (TS487bn) over the next four years.

10 August 16

Brain Drain of Doctors Costs Africa Over $2 billion

The brain drain of African doctors has cost the continent more than $2 billion, according to Kenya’s Education Secretary, Dr Fred Matiangi.

05 August 16

Development vs Democracy: Is Third-Termism Africa’s Path to Sustainability?

The growing trend of third-termism in Africa is a big topic on the international scene. The likes of Britain and the US have worked closely with African leaders to establish democratic roots across the continent. Yet all that effort is starting
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17 July 16

India PM’s Africa Visit About More than China, Natural Resources

Indian prime minister Narendra Modi has just returned from his first visit to the African continent. Over five days he visited four countries to meet their respective heads of state: Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and South Africa. His African tour was
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01 June 16

World Bank Warns Tanzania Against Relying on Chinese Investment

The World Bank has warned Tanzania against becoming over-reliant on Chinese investment as the country seeks to continue its economic growth.

22 May 16

WHO: Sharp Rise in Kenyan Life Expectancy

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has reported a drastic rise in the average life expectancy for citizens in Kenya.


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