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23 January 20

Trump set to add more African nations to US travel ban

US President Donald Trump is reportedly planning to expand his ban on travel to the States, which could prevent people arriving from another four African counties.

11 January 20

Trump makes bizarre claim over Ethiopia PM’s Nobel Peace Prize

US President Donald Trump puzzled global audiences on Thursday by claiming he was involved in a deal that “saved” Ethiopia and lead to Prime Minister Aboy Ahmed winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

09 January 18

President Trump criticised for insulting African nations over immigration

US President Donald Trump is being criticised for allegedly labelling a number of African nations as “shithole countries” during a meeting with lawmakers.

08 December 17

Somalia, Djibouti criticise Trump’s Recognition of Jerusalem

Somalia and Djibouti have criticised US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

19 July 17

Donald Trump has a big decision to make over Sudan sanctions

US President Donald Trump has a big decision to make next month regarding sanctions imposed on Sudan. The US president, whose travel ban on Sudan and five other predominantly Muslim nations was partially reinstated this week, will need to decide whether
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16 May 17

5 Kenyans, 67 Somalis deported from US

Five Kenyans and 67 Somalis have been deported from the US as the country clamps down on immigration.

21 April 17

Will Somalia benefit from Trump throwing his military weight around?

When Trump won the US presidential election late last year there was a global sense that something big – and perhaps not all that positive – had just happened. Talk of building walls, banning Muslims and rewriting international trade deals
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28 December 16

What Does President Trump Mean for Africa?

So the Americans actually went ahead and did it; they elected a white billionaire and former reality TV ‘star’ with zero political experience to be their next president. And, let’s face it – that’s probably one of the nicest descriptions you
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