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04 December 18

DRC: 18 killed ahead of election as army and rebels clash in Fizi

Clashed between government troops and rebels in the Democratic Republic of Congo have killed 18 people, as tensions rise ahead of this month’s presidential elections.

25 November 18

DRC: Election campaigns launched ahead of historic vote

Candidates in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have launched their election campaigns ahead of landmark presidential elections scheduled for December 23.

30 October 18

DRC: Thousands rally against voting machines ahead of election

Thousands of opposition supporters in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) on Friday rallied against the use of voting machines in the country’s upcoming election.

29 September 18

UN warns DRC election threatened by human rights violations

The United Nations says the Democratic Republic of Congo’s (DRC’s) upcoming presidential election could be threatened by ongoing human rights violations in the country.

20 September 18

ICC fines DRC’s Jean-Pierre Bemba for witness tampering

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has fined former Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) vice president Jean-Pierre Bemba €300,000 for tampering with witnesses during his war crimes trial.

24 August 18

DRC: Jean-Pierre Bemba told he can’t run for president

The Democratic Republic of Congo’s (DRC’s) electoral commission says opposition hopeful Jean-Pierre Bemba can’t run for president in the country’s upcoming election.

18 August 18

DRC: Kabila accuses foreign countries of ‘blackmail’ ahead of presidential vote

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) President Joseph Kabila has accused foreign countries of attempting to “blackmail” the country as it prepares for its next presidential election.

08 August 18

DRC: Joseph Kabila confirms he will step down as president

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) President Joseph Kabila has confirmed he will step down after ruling the country for 17 years.

04 August 18

DRC: Jean Pierre Bemba registers as presidential candidate

Jean Pierre Bemba has registered as a presidential candidate ahead of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s (DRC’s) elections scheduled for December.

02 August 18

Why the DRC’s election hopes currently pin on a former ‘warlord’

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has been impatiently waiting for an election since President Joseph Kabila’s second term ended in December 2016. Despite the country’s constitution limiting leaders to a maximum of two terms in charge, Kabila has refused
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