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20 January 18

Africa has six of the world’s fastest growing economies in 2018, but experts warn of danger

According to data from The World Bank, Africa will be home to six of the world’s fastest-growing economies in 2018. The financial institution forecasts growth of 3.2% for the year across Africa, up from 2.4% in 2017, and estimates further
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11 August 17

East Africa is getting more dangerous, despite economic progress

The latest Global Peace Index says the world is slightly more peaceful this year than it was in 2016, but East Africa is one exception. Political instability fluctuates unpredictably in the region and a number of conflicts have added to an
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24 July 17

Lessons from China: The pros and cons of rapid development

The rapid economic development of countries like Ethiopia and Rwanda are well documented. Or, more accurately, the benefits of Africa’s economic surge are widely applauded but the potential downsides of growing too much, too quickly are rarely discussed. Yet the
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21 June 17

Why is manufacturing still not driving East African economies?

East Africa isn’t without its economic success stories. Ethiopia and Rwanda are two of the region’s most exciting economies and Tanzania could be lining itself up as a rising force in the region. However, they – and the more established
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26 April 17

How can East Africa solve its unemployment problem?

“Africa Rising” has been the popular term used to describe the rapid economic growth taking place in sub-Saharan Africa since 2000. The assumption is African nations will continue to rise out of economic turmoil to secure a sustainable and peaceful
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28 October 16

World Bank Urges Tanzania to Reform Tax System

A new report from the Word Bank is urging Tanzania to reform its tax system, in order to maintain its impressive rate of economic growth.

11 October 16

Zanzibar: Islanders Urged to Support Industrial Development

Zanzibar’s Minister for Trade, Industry and Marketing is calling on members of the public to support the semi-autonomous archipelago’s industrial economic plans.


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