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16 March 19

Eritrea: HRW raises concern as forced conscription continues

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has raised concern that Eritrea’s controversial policy of forced conscription continues, despite a peace deal signed with neighbouring Ethiopia last year.

07 March 19

South Sudan welcomes Eritrea, Ethiopia leaders to discuss peace deal

Eritrea President Isaias Afwerki and Ethiopian prime minister Abiy Ahmed met with South Sudan leader Salva Kiir on Monday for high-level talks regarding the country’s peace process.

06 February 19

Sudan reopens border with Eritrea after year-long closure

Sudan President Omar al-Bashir has reopened the border with Eritrea, which had been closed since early January 2018.

14 January 19

Eritrea and Somalia among the world’s least powerful passports

Eritrea and Somalia have been named among the countries with the least powerful passports in the world.

30 December 18

Eritrea closes border crossing for Ethiopian travellers

Eritrea has blocked entry for Ethiopians at two border crossings months after the border was fully opened, following a peace deal signed between the neighbouring countries.

19 December 18

Ethiopia withdraws troops from Eritrea border

Ethiopia has begun withdrawing troops from disputed territories along the border with Eritrea, months after signing a landmark peace deal with its neighbour.

15 November 18

UN lifts sanction on Eritrea after almost a decade

The United Nations Security Council voted unanimously on Wednesday to lift sanctions against Eritrea, which have been in place against the Horn of Africa nation for almost a decade.

15 November 18

UN lifts Eritrea sanctions but difficult questions remain unanswered

After more than a decade of isolating itself from the international community, Eritrea finds itself tentatively stepping back into it. This week, the UN unanimously voted to lift sanctions against the Horn of Africa nation, which have been in place
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19 October 18

For the Horn of Africa, peace is the easy bit

For two decades, the Horn of Africa has been one of the most hostile corners of the world, its jagged topography reflected in the bitterness of its political relations. Yet the region has become a hive of diplomatic activity over
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15 October 18

Eritrea and Ethiopia start trading over newly open border

After 20 years of bitter conflict, the border between Eritrea and Ethiopia is officially open for business and merchants are trading freely across the former war zone.


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