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25 July 18

Eritrea-Ethiopia leaders awarded in UAE for peace efforts

Eritrea President Isaias Afwerki and Ethiopia Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed have been awarded the UAE’s highest award for their recent peace efforts.

18 July 18

After all the champagne and PR stunts, the real work for Eritrea-Ethiopian peace begins

On Wednesday morning, the first commercial flight between Ethiopia and Eritrea in more than 20 years departed from Addis Ababa. Passengers enjoyed champagne, which was served with red roses – the latest of many peace symbols exchanged between two nations
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14 July 18

Eritrea President makes first Ethiopia visit since border war started in 1998

Eritrea President Isaias Afwerki is making his first visit to neighbouring Ethiopia since a bitter border war erupted between the two countries in 1998.

08 July 18

Eritrea and Ethiopia declare an end to long-standing war

Eritrea and Ethiopia have declared an end to their long-standing “state of war”.

27 June 18

Ethiopia says it will meet leaders from Eritrea soon, as tensions ease

Ethiopia’s Foreign Ministry says leaders from the country will meet with top officials from Eritrea soon, as dialogue between the two countries suggests tensions are easing.

26 June 18

Eritrea delegation to visit Ethiopia for talks

Eritrea President Isaias Afwerki has announced a deligation from the Horn of Africa nation will be sent to Addis Ababa to “gauge current developments” after recent efforts from Ethiopia to establish peace between the two countries.

14 June 18

Why some ‘Eritreans’ are against Ethiopia’s peace efforts

Last week, Ethiopia’s ruling coalition party extended an olive branch to Eritrea that could see an end to the longest-running conflict in Africa. For sixteen years, Ethiopia has refused to withdraw troops from disputed areas along its border with Eritrea,
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07 June 18

Ethiopia says it will accept Eritrea peace deal and border ruling

Ethiopia says it will abide by a peace agreement designed to end conflict with neighbouring Eritrea and accept an international ruling on its shared border with the country.

20 May 18

In Eritrea, 25 years of independence hasn’t delivered the freedom it promised

In 1993, the situation in Eritrea looked remarkably positive after 30 years of civil war, as part of Ethiopia. People danced on the streets of Asmara when the country gained independence on May 24 and the country’s newly-elected president Isaias Afewerki
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30 April 18

This is what HRW has to say about the human rights situation in Eritrea

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has been examining events in Eritrea since the country first gained independence from Ethiopia in 1991. After a bitter 30-year war, tensions between the two countries remain and border disputes are a regular threat to stability
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