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03 May 16

Ethiopia Calls on Private Sector to Help Battle Drought, Restore Land

The Ethiopian government is calling on the country’s private sector for help in its battle against drought and land restoration efforts.

19 April 16

Ethiopia: South Sudanese Gunmen Kill 140 Civilians

South Sudanese gunmen have killed 140 Ethiopian civilians in a cross-border attack, according to the Ethiopian government.

28 March 16

Drought and Soaring Temperatures Leave 36m People in Africa Facing Hunger

The UN has warned more than 36 million people in eastern and southern Africa face hunger due to drought and soaring temperatures caused by El Niño.

20 February 16

Ethiopia: Food Security Could Lie in Animal Bones

The key to achieving food security in Ethiopia could lie in animal bones, according to a science journalist.

20 February 16

Somalia: Kenya & Ethiopia Devote Helicopters for AMISOM War on Al-Shabaab

Kenya and Ethiopia have offered to supply helicopters for troops fighting under the African Union Mission to Somalia (AMISOM) against Al-Shabaab.

02 February 16

Dozens Killed As Ethnic Violence Continues in Ethiopia

Dozens are reported to have been killed in renewed ethnic violence in Ethiopia’s southwestern town of Gambella.

01 February 16

US Pledges $97m to Fight Ethiopia’s Worst Drought in 50 Years

The US has pledged almost $100 million in food aid to help battle the effects of Ethiopia’s worst drought in 50 years.


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