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03 October 18

Ethiopia: Dozens killed in latest round of ethnic clashes

At least 44 people were killed in western Ethiopia over the weekend in clashes between rival ethnic groups.

18 September 18

Ethnic violence is rising through Ethiopia, staining its ‘new era’ in blood

The impact of Ethiopian prime minister Abiy Ahmed’s short time in office has been celebrated as a new era for the politically troubled nation. He took office at a time when tensions between the country’s largest ethnic groups and the
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17 September 18

Ethiopia: Several people killed in ethnic clashes near Addis Ababa

Ethiopian officials have confirmed several people were killed over Saturday night during ethnic violence in the outskirts of the capital, Addis Ababa.

13 August 18

Ethiopia: 40 killed by paramilitary troops in Oromiya

At least 40 people were killed in eastern Ethiopia over the weekend by regional paramilitary forces, senior officials said on Monday.

28 June 18

10 people killed during clashes in western Ethiopia

Ten people have been killed over the past few days in violent clashes in the western Ethiopian region of Benishangul-Gumuz.

05 March 18

DRC: More than 30 killed in Ituri province as ethnic clashes continue

More than 30 people have been killed in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Ituri province during the latest round of ethnic violence in the country’s northeast.

01 December 17

South Sudan: 45 people killed in ethnic attack

At least 45 people were killed in South Sudan on Wednesday during an ethnic attack in the central Duk County.

19 September 17

50 killed in week of violence in eastern Ethiopia

At least 50 people have been killed and more than 50,000 displaced during a week of clashes between Ethiopia’s Oromo and Somali ethnic groups.

28 February 17

What’s behind the ‘xenophobic’ attacks in South Africa?

On Friday, a group calling themselves the “Mamelodi Concerned Residents” marched against South Africa’s immigration laws in the country’s capital, Pretoria. The protest sparked a wave of looting shops owned by foreign nationals – particularly Somali immigrants – which prompted clashes
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19 April 16

Ethiopia: South Sudanese Gunmen Kill 140 Civilians

South Sudanese gunmen have killed 140 Ethiopian civilians in a cross-border attack, according to the Ethiopian government.


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