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20 November 19

Rwanda: EU provides €10.3 million for refugee support

The European Union (EU) will provide Rwanda with €10.3 million to support life-saving resettlement of African refugees in Libya.

05 April 19

EU denies funding Eritrea ‘forced labour’ project

The European Union (EU) has denied accusations that it is funding a road-building project in Eritrea that relies on “forced labour”.

14 January 19

Foreign NGOs leave Burundi amid new ethnicity law

Numerous foreign non-governmental agencies (NGOs) have closed their doors in Burundi after new ethnicity laws came into effect on December 31.

08 June 17

EU ambassador labels claims of meddling in Burundi politics ‘fake news’

European Union (EU) Ambassador Kristian Schmidt has denied claims from Burundi that the EU is attempting to destabilise the country’s political environment.

11 June 16

EU Considers Working with Sudan, Eritrea to Stem Migrant Influx

The European Union is considering plans to work with African nations Sudan and Eritrea on stemming the flow of migrants entering southern Europe.

02 April 16

EU to Cut Burundi Peacekeeping Funds

The EU plans to cut funding for Burundi’s peacekeeping contingent currently operating in Somalia.


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