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30 August 19

African farmers are using killer chemicals to grow food

Earlier this month, the Route to Food Initiative published a study [PDF] revealing the widespread use of pesticides by Kenyan farmers, using chemicals banned in Europe but approved by the Kenyan Pest Control Products Board. However, this isn’t only a
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18 June 19

South Sudan: More than 60 per cent facing severe hunger

A record number of people in South Sudan are facing severe hunger, according to a joint report from the government and multiple United Nations agencies.

20 March 19

Kenyans express anger over Turkana ‘starvation’ being ignored

Kenyans on social media have accused their government of ignoring drought victims in the north-western Turkana region following reports that at least 10 people have died of hunger.

30 May 18

South Sudan: Oxfam calls for urgent aid to avert famine

Oxfam says urgent action is needed to prevent millions of people in South Sudan from being hit by famine.

06 September 16

East Africa Steps Up Fight Against Crippling Maize Disease

East African nations are making steady progress in the battle against a crippling maize disease that’s ravaging crops in the region.


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