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20 May 19

Kenyan ‘Somali refugees’ claim citizenship rights are being denied

Thousands of Kenyans classified as Somali refugees are being denied their right to citizenship, according to investigations by Al Jazeera.

16 May 19

Burundi orders asset seizure of exiled opposition

Burundi’s Supreme Court has ordered the seizure of assets belonging to exiled opposition members.

12 May 19

Tanzania: Activist found beaten, dumped in village

An activist has been found beaten and unconscious in a southern Tanzanian village, prompting fears of a crackdown on opposition politics.

06 May 19

Rwanda buries remains of almost 85,000 genocide victims

Rwanda buried the remains of almost 85,000 victims from the country’s 1994 genocide on Saturday.

01 May 19

Rights group calls on South Sudan to investigate 2017 activist

Rights group Amnesty International has called upon authorities in South Sudan to investigate the killing of two outspoken activists in 2017.

26 April 19

Uganda: Bobi Wine escapes house arrest, protests innocence

Ugandan politician and pop star Bobi Wine appeared in public on Thursday to announce he escaped from house arrest.

05 April 19

EU denies funding Eritrea ‘forced labour’ project

The European Union (EU) has denied accusations that it is funding a road-building project in Eritrea that relies on “forced labour”.

26 March 19

Mothers in South Sudan are teaching their daughters how to survive sexual violence

Sexual violence has become so common in South Sudan that mothers in the country are teaching their daughters how to survive being raped, according to Yasmin Sooka, chair of the UN Commission on Human Rights.

22 March 19

Burundi: Schoolgirls face 5 years in prison for drawing on president’s photo

Three schoolgirls in Burundi are facing up to five years in prison for drawing on pictures of President Pierre Nkurunziza.

16 March 19

Eritrea: HRW raises concern as forced conscription continues

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has raised concern that Eritrea’s controversial policy of forced conscription continues, despite a peace deal signed with neighbouring Ethiopia last year.


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