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25 July 17

Burundian robotics team goes missing in Washington

A high school robotics team from Burundi has gone missing in the United States during an international robotics competition.

25 June 17

Kenya takes action against Tanzanians without immigration documents

Kenya is taking action against Tanzanians in the country without the correct immigration documents.

28 February 17

What’s behind the ‘xenophobic’ attacks in South Africa?

On Friday, a group calling themselves the “Mamelodi Concerned Residents” marched against South Africa’s immigration laws in the country’s capital, Pretoria. The protest sparked a wave of looting shops owned by foreign nationals – particularly Somali immigrants – which prompted clashes
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29 January 17

UK government downplayed Eritrea human rights abuses to avoid accepting refugees

The British government downplayed the severity of human rights abuses taking place in Eritrea so it could avoid taking in refugees from the African country.

09 October 16

Eritrean Refugee Says Life Is Worse in UK Council Flats

An Eritrean refugee living in the UK claims life in his Swansea council flat is worse than the one he fled five years ago.

11 July 16

Sorry Africa, There’s No ‘Chinese Dream’ for Migrants

China’s growing interest in all things African is well documented. It’s not just Chinese money flowing into Africa, though – more than a million Chinese migrants have moved to African nations over the last few decades. After building Chinatowns in Kenya, Nigeria
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