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02 April 17

South Sudan suspends $10,000 visa plans for aid workers

South Sudan is suspending plans to charge foreign workers up to $10,000 in visa fees, following widespread criticism from aid workers.

03 February 17

Uganda rules out South Sudan military intervention

Uganda says imposing an external “trusteeship” government upon South Sudan would only make the situation worse in the troubled country.

28 December 16

What Does President Trump Mean for Africa?

So the Americans actually went ahead and did it; they elected a white billionaire and former reality TV ‘star’ with zero political experience to be their next president. And, let’s face it – that’s probably one of the nicest descriptions you
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12 November 16

What Would the ICC Mean Without Africa?

This week, the Gambia became the third African country to announce its withdrawal from the International Criminal Court in the space of a month.

20 October 16

Tanzania Says No to Conditional Aid

Tanzania has refused to accept financial aid under conditions set out by donors from the international community.


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