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05 February 18

African Union calls for mass withdrawal from ICC

The African Union has called for a mass withdrawal from the International Criminal Court (ICC).

10 November 17

Burundi: ICC opens ‘crimes against humanity’ investigation, government refuses to cooperate

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has authorised a full investigation into allegations of crimes against humanity in Burundi.

31 October 17

How many African nations will follow Burundi’s departure from the ICC

Last week, Burundi became the first nation to withdraw from the Rome Statute, bringing an end to the International Criminal Court’s jurisdiction in the African country. A year after the country first threatened to abandon the Hague-based court, Burundi has
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27 October 17

Burundi withdraws from the International Criminal Court

Burundi has become the first country to withdraw from the International Criminal Court (ICC).

12 November 16

What Would the ICC Mean Without Africa?

This week, the Gambia became the third African country to announce its withdrawal from the International Criminal Court in the space of a month.

15 October 16

Burundi Votes to Leave ICC

Burundi’s government has voted to leave the International Criminal Court (ICC) with an overwhelming majority.

23 June 16

Burundi Threatens to Abandon ICC After Investigations Launched

Burundi has threatened to pull out of the Rome Statute that places it under the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) jurisdiction.

23 June 16

ICC Sentences Former Congo Vice-President to 18 Years in Prison

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has sentenced former Congolese vice-president Jean-Pierre Bemba to 18 years in prison.

03 June 16

Sudan to Participate in UN Meeting on ICC

Sudan will participate in a UN meeting where the African Union (AU) committee will explain its position against the International Criminal Court (ICC).

08 April 16

ICC Throws Out Charges Against Kenya’s Ruto

The International Criminal Court (ICC) on Tuesday threw out charges against Kenya’s deputy president William Ruto.


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