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27 December 19

Eritrea: 7 national football players fail to return home

Seven players from the Eritrean national football team are missing after playing in the East African regional championship in Uganda.

18 June 19

Eritrea: Social media movement aims to topple president

A social media campaign driven by Eritreans living outside of the country is calling for an end to President Isaias Afwerki’s regime.

23 May 19

Do Eritreans Have Anything New to Celebrate This Independence Day?

On May 24, Eritrea officially celebrates its Independence Day, marking 28 years since the country wrestled control back from Ethiopia at the end of a brutal war that lasted for 30 years. On this day, in 1991, the prospect of
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18 July 18

After all the champagne and PR stunts, the real work for Eritrea-Ethiopian peace begins

On Wednesday morning, the first commercial flight between Ethiopia and Eritrea in more than 20 years departed from Addis Ababa. Passengers enjoyed champagne, which was served with red roses – the latest of many peace symbols exchanged between two nations
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19 November 17

Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia stage protest over conditions back home

Eritrean refugees staged a protest in Ethiopia this week against the regime they fled from in their home country.

05 December 16

A Brief Glimpse of Africa’s Kim Jong-un

Eritrean president Isaias Afwerki is routinely called Africa’s Kim Jong-un by the Western media. The comparison is pretty simple: Eritrea is Africa’s version of North Korea and Isaias [Eritreans are addressed by their first name] is its secretive, all-empowered leader.
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