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21 June 17

Tanzania: Paper banned for two years, editor threatened

Tanzanian newspaper Mawio is facing a two-year ban after reporting on a misconduct investigation that implicates two former presidents.

04 May 17

Tanzania: Magufuli fires 9,932 civil servants

Tanzania President John Magufuli dismissed more than 9,900 civil servants on Friday for having forged educational certificates.

05 April 17

Tanzania: President fires minister over press freedom row, sends warning shot to media

Tanzanian President John Magufuli warned the country’s media organisations to “be careful” on Friday after sacking a minister for defending press freedom.

09 November 16

Tanzania President Denies Suppressing Democracy

Tanzania President John Magufuli has denied criticism that his regime is “suppressing democracy” for the sake of developing the country’s economy.

24 September 16

Tanzania: Five Charged with Cybercrime for Insulting President

Five Tanzanians have been charged with cybercrime for criticising President John Magufuli on WhatsApp social media.

02 August 16

Is John Magufuli East Africa’s Next Paul Kagame?

Last week, Tanzania President John Magufuli threatened to crack down on opposition protests “without mercy”. It’s the latest in a series of moves to outrage his opponents. They say he’s an undemocratic leader seeking to create an authoritarian state. And, while his
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31 July 16

Tanzania: President Threatens Crackdown on Protesters

Tanzania President John Magufuli threatened protestors on Friday, promising to crackdown “without mercy”.

01 June 16

Is John Magufuli the Leader Africa Has Been Waiting For?

Last October, the most tightly fought election in Tanzania’s history named John Magufuli as the country’s new president.

25 May 16

Tanzania: President Magufuli Fires ‘Drunk’ Minister

Tanzania President John Magufuli has fired a home affairs minister accused of being drunk while attending parliament.

17 February 16

Magufuli Marks 100 Days in Office As Tanzania President

Tanzania President John Magufuli continues to make headlines after marking 100 days in office as the county’s latest president.


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