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16 August 19

Kenya tourism still going strong after January Nairobi attack

Tourism in Kenya is experiencing sustained growth with minimal long-term impact from a hotel attack in Nairobi that killed 21 people in January.

13 August 19

Somalia is in a lose-lose situation over Kenya border spat

An ongoing maritime border dispute between Somalia and Kenya has placed pressure on bilateral ties between the two countries since 2014 and threatened security in the Horn and East African regions.

03 August 19

Kenyan court rejects ‘repressive’ content laws

A Kenyan judge has declared a section of communications laws that ban the sharing “obscene material” online as unconstitutional.

29 July 19

Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda fall back on old railways as SGR funding dries up

Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda are all looking to revamp their old railway networks due to a lack of funding for a Chinese-backed network between East African nations.

29 July 19

Kenya’s unfinished railway & the danger of over-reliance on China

Kenya’s Mombasa-Nairobi Standard Gauge Railway has proven very popular with travellers moving between the country’s capital and the coastal city on Mombasa. However, the real aim of the project was to boost trade freight heading from the Kenyan coast to
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19 July 19

HRW: Kenya needs to address police killings

Human Rights Watch (HRW) is calling upon authorities in Kenya to address a “scourge” of unlawful police killings.

27 June 19

Kenya halts Lamu coal power project over environmental concerns

Judges in Kenya have halted plans to construct the country’s first coal-powered plant near Lamu, due to environmental concerns.

21 June 19

Kenya: Police break up Sudan solidarity protest

Police in Kenya fired teargas and violently dispersed hundreds of people participating in peaceful demonstrations on Wednesday, calling for an end to violence against protesters in Sudan.

20 June 19

Kenya: Three convicted over Garissa University attack

A court in Kenya has found three men guilty of abetting al-Shabaab militants who carried out the Garissa University attack that killed 148 people in 2015.

03 June 19

Kenya to issue new banknotes in battle against corruption

Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta has announced the country will introduce a new generation of banknotes in an effort to curb corruption.


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