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25 November 19

Kenya: At leat 60 killed in landslides amid downpours

At least 60 people have been killed in a landslide in West Pokot region following torrential downpours that began on Friday.

20 November 19

Kenya develops ‘Climate Atlas’ to protect food supply

Kenya is set to launch a weather modelling system to help farmers protect their crops and cope with the devastation caused by floods and drought conditions.

05 November 19

Kenya population reaches 47.6m, census reveals

Kenya’s population has increased by nine million over the past decade, official 2019 census data has revealed.

30 October 19

Uganda finally taking a stand for effective alcohol regulation

In a long-overdue move, Ugandan authorities have approved the National Alcohol Control Policy in a bid to curb alcohol abuse nationwide. With Ugandans among the highest consumers of alcohol in Africa— more than one-fifth of the population engages in binge
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30 October 19

Kenya: President Kenyatta promises plastic ban by 2020

Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta has vowed to implement a single-use plastic ban across the country by 2020.

18 October 19

Kenya’s China-funded ‘Railway to Nowhere’ opens

Kenya’s has opened its halted railway project dubbed as the “Railway to Nowhere” after China pulled funding for the ambitious project.

17 October 19

Kenya set to double debt ceiling, almost matching economy size

Lawmakers in Kenya have approved government plans to increase the country’s debt ceiling.

15 October 19

11 Kenyan police officers killed in bomb blast near Somali border

Almost a dozen Kenyan police officers were killed on Saturday by a roadside bomb near the border with Somalia.

03 October 19

Kenya is clamping down on sports betting sites

Regulators in Kenya are camping down on sports betting in the country by imposing new taxes on the country’s biggest companies in the field.

26 September 19

Kenya: 7 children killed in Nairobi school collapse

At least seven children have been killed in the Kenyan capital Nairobi after a primary school collapsed.


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