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25 July 16

Italy Courts Insists Eritrean Smuggler Suspect Is the Right Man

After investigations into the identity of a suspected human trafficking kingpin, Italian courts insist they have the right man.

05 July 16

Police Have Wrong Man in Eritrean Smuggler Trial, Say Victims

Two former victims and the family of suspect Medhanie Berhe say police have the wrong man in an international human trafficking case.

03 July 16

What Happens After Kenya Closes Dadaab Refugee Camp?

Back in May, Kenya warned the international community it would close the world’s largest refugee camp. At the time it wasn’t clear whether President Kenyatta really intended to close the camp or was simply calling out for more international support. However,
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11 June 16

Kenya: Activists Sue Government Over Plan to Close Refugee Camp

Two activist groups in Kenya have sued the government over its plans to close the world’s largest refugee camp.

11 June 16

EU Considers Working with Sudan, Eritrea to Stem Migrant Influx

The European Union is considering plans to work with African nations Sudan and Eritrea on stemming the flow of migrants entering southern Europe.

31 May 16

Sudanese Families Flee Libyan Cities Seized by ISIS

Hundreds of Sudanese families have fled a number of Libyan cities which have been seized by Islamist militants ISIS.

21 May 16

UN Chief Urges Kenya Not to Close Refugee Camps

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has urged the Kenyan government not to close the Dadaab refugee camp.

03 May 16

Somali Refugee Sets Fire to Herself on Nauru Island

A young Somali woman is in critical condition after setting herself on fire on the island of Nauru.


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