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31 December 17

Has 2017 been a step backwards for politics in East Africa?

African leaders have dominated the news throughout 2017. From Kagame’s third term to Kenyatta’s eventual election win to Kaliba’s refusal to step down, we’ve witnessed a key year for politics across the continent. Above all, it’s been a good year
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18 May 17

Gender equality in East African politics isn’t so equal after all

East Africa has developed something of a reputation for gender equality in politics over the years. Rwanda has a higher percentage of women in parliament than any other country in the world while Burundi, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda are also among the highest
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15 April 17

Press freedom in East Africa is becoming even more elusive

Press freedom is an elusive concept in much of Africa and many other parts of the world. However, there’s this notion that journalists, bloggers and commentators in general are enjoying a progressively more open environment to express their views and
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