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30 October 19

Uganda finally taking a stand for effective alcohol regulation

In a long-overdue move, Ugandan authorities have approved the National Alcohol Control Policy in a bid to curb alcohol abuse nationwide. With Ugandans among the highest consumers of alcohol in Africa— more than one-fifth of the population engages in binge
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30 August 19

African farmers are using killer chemicals to grow food

Earlier this month, the Route to Food Initiative published a study [PDF] revealing the widespread use of pesticides by Kenyan farmers, using chemicals banned in Europe but approved by the Kenyan Pest Control Products Board. However, this isn’t only a
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04 June 19

Uganda bans sale of alcohol in sachets

Uganda has banned the sale and consumption of alcohol in sachets amid growing concerns about the impact on public health.

29 April 19

An inside job: Kenya’s struggles to stop ethanol smuggling

Earlier this month, officials from Kenya’s Directorate of Criminal Investigations became involved in a stand-off with police at a roadblock in the Nairobi suburb of Kitengela. It is alleged that the police officers were trying to protect an impounded vehicle
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16 November 18

Tightening up the Ugandan tax net key to boosting public health

In a very encouraging sign for public health, the Ugandan government has announced that the revenue gleaned from taxes on alcohol and soft drinks will be channeled into a fund to provide lifesaving HIV treatment. Unfortunately, making sure that the
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29 September 18

Sudan: Thousands hit by mosquito-borne diseases in Kassala

At least 11,000 people have been infected by mosquito-borne diseases in Sudan’s Kassala state, amid fears of an epidemic sweeping the country.

12 January 18

South Sudan investigating suspected Viral Haemorrhagic Fever outbreak

South Sudan is investigating a potential outbreak of viral haemorrhagic fever (VHF) in Yirol East County and Eastern Lakes State.

13 March 17

Tanzania: 36 people infected with anthrax after eating cow

At least 36 people in Tanzania have been infected with anthrax after eating the carcass of a cow, authorities revealed on Thursday.

01 March 17

In Kenya, patients are dying as doctors’ strike runs on

Patients in Kenya are dying as doctors in the country continue to strike over an unfulfilled agreement with the government, signed in 2013.


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