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26 November 19

Rwanda: Third group of refugees arrive from Libya

A third group of refugees evacuated from detention centres in Libya have arrived in Rwanda.

28 August 19

Tanzania to send back all Burundian refugees, prompting UNHCR concerns

Tanzania says it has reached an agreement with Burundi to send back all Burundian refugees to the neighbouring country, starting from October this year.

28 February 19

Report: 320,000 Somalis fled conflict in 2018

A new report from the Norwegian Refugee Council reveals that 320,000 people in Somalia fled their homes to escape conflict in 2018.

26 October 17

Ethiopia begins civil registration for refugees

Ethiopia has launched civil registration for refugees in the country, allowing them to register life events such as birth, marriage and death.

15 August 16

UNHCR Funding Shortage As South Sudanese Flee to Uganda

The United Nation’s refugee agency (UNHCR) is appealing to donors as it warns of a funding shortage for South Sudan’s humanitarian crisis.


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